Carlanita Music Company

Carlanita Music Company was founded by Ana Chávez Ortiz, daughter of Maestro Carlos Chávez upon his death with the aim to foster the dissemination of her father’s musical legacy. Currently, the company is led by Ana Prieto Chávez, Coral Palmer Chávez and Trinidad Palmer Chávez, the composer’s granddaughters, and Jana Angulo Prieto, his great granddaughter, who have been devoted to disseminating his work.
Furthermore, they have also undertaken the task of collecting all existing material and classifying it in order to create a virtual archive that can be consulted by anyone interested in studying Carlos Chávez’s work. With this aim in mind, they are working together with expert musicologists on Chávez and people in the field of culture.

The company’s website is in which one can find everything related with the edition of Carlos Chávez’s music.